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AoD Latest News/Updates

Behind the Scenes - July 31 Hello all, It is without a hint of uncertainty that the anticipation has been built. With a practically electrified atmosphere, it is with a great deal of confidence that we present to players and testers alike our behind the scenes agenda for some upcoming updates on the new AoD: Settings Menu Having been classified as a traditionally uniform and straightforward user interface, we've decided to expand the settings menu in order to compensate for our each new client configuration that we've introduced over the past few weeks. 

[*]The menu will be improved to better fit the OldSchool resemblance that is already prevalent throughout the client

[*]More buttons and options for resizable mode will be made available

[*]Data orbs and roofs will be made toggleable

PvP - Bounty Hunter & Rewards With the introduction of our new Bounty Hunter system, we feel the necessity to complete the perfection with the addition of REAL Bounty Hunter rewards. As per community request, not ALL of these rewards will be available in the Bounty Hunter store (owned by, you guessed it, the Emblem Trader!).

[*]Cosmetic recoloring items will be available

[*]The mandatory teleport-to-target scroll may become a requirement to use the spell

[*]We've looked into making emblems drop on the ground, rather than take up an inventory slot that could very well be used for looting

[*]Players will no longer be assigned a target who already has one of their own

[*]Players will no longer be able to keep emblems upon death

Interface & Gameframe Improvements In keeping with the traditional OldSchool schematics, we will be revamping, improving upon, and overhauling select interfaces to keep players in the mood.

[*]The quest tab better resembles OldSchool

[*]Data orbs have been changed from an 'indented' style to that of the more polished look of OldSchool

[*]The clan chat interface will see a rework, with the possible inclusion of the Administrator clan rank

[*]There is a possibility of an in-game poll system in which players will be able to partake in various different gameplay decisions

Object & Item Conversions/Additions The introduction of OldSchool data served as the master key to a set of doors of possibility in terms of content; we will be able to efficiently add to and improve upon existing content, including highlighted areas such as the [i]Motherlode Mine, the Kraken Boss Cave, Zulrah's Lair, and much much more!


Fan-favorites: Clan Wars & More! Players of the new Age of Darkness will thrive in an environment based upon fan-favorite minigames such as (of course) Pest Control, and (for the first time!) Clan Wars! Players will be able to enter a portal of their choice to compete in a safe - or dangerous - instance of their favorite Clan Wars minigame.

[*]The Clan Wars minigame will be located near the Duel Arena

[*]Players will have the option of entering a safe or dangerous instance of the minigame (players will keep or lose items upon death, respectively)

[*]There is a possibility of a rewards system for killing players in this minigame; stay tuned!

Lag/Uptime Improvements Your calls have been acknowledged; Age of Darkness will soon be migrating hosts in order to accommodate for what is expected to be a thriving community base! Players from all regions of the world can expect significantly reduced connection latency, a more convenient and universal hosting location, and an exponentially improved reliability factor.

We invite everyone to stay tuned, as open beta access will be available as soon as next week!

See you in-game!